Bespoke Perfume Creation

The Consultation & Creation Process

We now offer digital consultation for our Bespoke Perfume Creation service for individuals, couples and private label clients. 


This opens up the opportunity for bespoke creation to be extended to outstation and overseas clients and not only limited to those residing in Kuala Lumpur / Klang Valley area. 

The Virtual Brief 

First Consultation session via online will be arranged and conducted after booking for bespoke perfume creation is made on our online store. 


Delivery of Short-listed ingredients Sample kit.


A sample kit of the shortlisted material scent samples consisting of a palette of a minimum of 10 ingredients will be delivered to the Client. 

Private Creation consultation session 

Second consultation to be conducted virtually or in person. Creation of bespoke scents variation with our Chief Perfumer, Aien Mokhtar. 


Note: After the Creation consultation session, please allow 7-14 days for bespoke scents options development and for the final variations to be delivered to the Client. 


Delivery of Bespoke scents variation samples consisting of 2 - 3 bespoke scent options in 5ml mini vials. 

Bespoke Scent finalisation session


The finalisation session allows the Client to give feedbacks to our Chief Perfumer to finalise the perfume and perform tweaks if and when necessary. 


Note: Please allow 7 days for final bespoke scent development and for the final bespoke scent to be delivered to the Client. 

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