Scents affect and can alter our moods, feelings and sensuality because they trigger much more vivid emotional memories than images do. Beautiful scents have the power to instil positive feelings, make you remember happy memories and look forward to the day.

For example, the scent of citrus can make you feel more awake, productive and uplifted, whereas the scent of lavender can help you feel more calm and relaxed.

Mood Scents enhance your mood and create the desired ambience for your living spaces whether you are working from home, relaxing after a long day, or spending intimate moments with your partner. 

Just put a few drops in your diffuser or potpourri to scent your room and spaces. The essences can also be worn on a diffusing necklace and on scent stones to leave on your bedside, closet, car or your bag.


Inspiring, Enigmatic

Be inspired by the beauty of nature and the scent of the green, earthy and magnetic forest after the rain. A fresh blend of pink pepper, ginger, clary sage, waterlily, rose, orchid, jasmine, freesia and redcurrant; with patchouli, amber, sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, vetiver, vanilla and cardamom.


Calm, Nostalgic

Be comforted by the exotic orchid and a scented bouquet of purple petals wrapped in nostalgia. A composition of powdery violet leaf, galbanum, white orchid, purple flowers, tonka bean and amber, anchored by sandalwood and musk.


Serene, Enchanting

Immerse yourself in the serenity and the beauty of innocence, and the pure of heart. A floral-fruity composition of rose and peony with the sweetness of lychee, and base notes of amber and Virginian cedar wood.


Sensual, Captivating

Wrap your moments in the sensual and captivating embrace of the Queen. An oriental composition of precious rose, dark spices and leather anchored by the earthiness of patchouli and rich ambergris.


Invigorating, Energizing

Be invigorated to seize the fresh, new day and make it yours. A citrus-wood composition of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit with black tea, neroli, moss, tonka bean and guaiac wood.


Tranquil, Harmonious

Be bathed in the luxury of your senses, wherever you may be. A marine-floral composition of verbena, muguet, hyacinth, blue chamomile, angelica, ambergris and marine note.

Feed a kitten for a month with every 50ml EDP purchased. RM20 will go to our Cause of the Month: Busy Boarders.

Busy Boarders provide food, shelter and medical care to kittens and strays abandoned due to the pandemic.