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We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for the good people we met and the friends we made along the way, and even if we did, the journey wouldn't have been half as inspiring and memorable!

Here you will find partners and brands that share the same ideals as we do, to make the world a slightly more beautiful, caring, and better place through their creations.

mori maia

We have in abundance passion for travel, the arts, architecture, photography, design and fashion. In our pasts we were professionals in design, architecture, logistics, financials, high-fashion and merchandising.

What brought us together is a shared fascination of how a single light, pliable fabric can signify so much by way of design, style and religion while also imbuing confidence, delight and soulfulness to so many.



Of long distance loves and faraway friends. A collection commemorating all the places we would have otherwise been and the faces we would have seen. This is for the wayfarers and wanderers, a little piece of scenery until the time that we may once more set foot in foreign lands.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your wanderlust on your scarf with the mystical charm of Bali, the expansive natural beauty of the Grand Canyon and who can ignore the intimacy of Paris? From here, we will ride on the wings of inspiration to other places and experiences, please come with us.

Each piece is specially scented to take you on an olfactory journey reminiscent of your destination.

We at mori maia hope this collection gets you excited for brighter days ahead, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage.

OLFAC3 Perfumes Special

Every purchase of a Mori Maia Box Set entitles you to a RM50 discount off any 50ml Eau De Pafurm from OLFAC3 Perfumes.

Applicable online and at the OLFAC3 Perfumes Lounge at GMBB, Kuala Lumpur.

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