X | Special Edition

X | Special Edition




An interpretation of bold sensuality, presence and charisma.


An intense, intoxicating blend of precious agarwood, sandalwood and amber; with vanilla black pepper and cardamom.


Handcrafted 50ml Eau De Parfum.


Perfumer's Notes

"We wanted to create a perfume that is bold and versatile, dedicated to men and women who are leaders that impact the people around them and the world.


X is an oud composition featuring the precious agarwood and sandalwood. It’s a bold scent, one you would wear to create presence whenever you walk into a room. On its own, it exudes charisma, depth of character and a sense of mystery.


X is also a “scent-changer” when layered with your existing perfumes, adding a bold, seductive "x-factor" to lighter aromatic floral and floral gourmand perfumes especially. In the OLFAC3 Perfumes, range, it pairs and layers really well with OMBAK and Aphrodite"

- Aien Mokhtar


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