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Khadijah | Rose Series


One of four of the scents from our inaugural collection, the rose series; it is an oriental composition of rose and agarwood with a touch of saffron.


Each scent in the Rose series represents the different stages of a woman's life: The saint, the daughter, the mother and the queen. 


Khadijah represents the mother in all of us, strong, wise and resourceful. The scent envelopes you like velvet, with a very prominent presence suited for a formidable character. 


It is our tribute scent to the Prophet's wife, Khadijah; the successful merchant and trader, a loving wife and supportive mother. 


Available in handcrafted 50ml Eau De Parfum.

  • Khadijah edp

    Available in eau de parfum and perfume balm. EDP is packaged in a 50ml customized glass spray bottles and perfume balm in a 5g rose-engraved acrylic jars.