Mood Scents Set | 6 x 10ml

Mood Scents Set | 6 x 10ml

RM41.67 per 10 Milliliters

Introducing a new range of Mood Scents from OLFAC3 Perfumes, an original collection of fragrances for your ambience. As part of our Goodbye 2020 Special , get your hands on all 6 exquisite scents to suit your mood and personality and fill your living spaces with beautifully-crafted scents that will make it hard for you to leave home.


This set comes with a FREE set of Scent Stones (for you to use to scent your bag, car, closets and spaces) and a Diffuser Locket for you to accessorise.  


Inspiring, enigmatic  
Be inspired by the beauty of nature and the scent of the green, earthy and magnetic forest after the rain.    
Lán Huā 
Calm, nostalgic  
Be comforted by the exotic orchid and a scented bouquet of purple petals wrapped in nostalgia.  
Serene, enchanting  
Revel in the serenity and the beauty of innocence, and the pure of heart.      
Sensual, captivating  
Wrap your moments in the sensual and captivating embrace of the Queen.  
Invigorating, energizing  
Be invigorated to seize the fresh, new day and make it yours.       
Tranquil, harmonious  
Be bathed in the luxury of your senses, wherever you may be.

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