mori maia | SHAWL Arizona - Box Set

mori maia | SHAWL Arizona - Box Set


About Mori Maia's Arizona - Shawl Scarf

The intricate patterns formed over millions of years by Earth’s natural forces was the perfect baseline for our inspiration. Each line and pattern is individually hand-drawn, flowing to eventually meld with the topology lines of the Grand Canyon taken from an actual satellite image and morphing into an animal print.


The design pays homage to the Sedona vertexes’ healing and uplifting swirling centres of energy.


Colours: Deep lavender purple, a teal that cools or a warm earthy tone with sunset hues.

Fabric: Satin silk

Shawl: 180 x 70 (cm)


Scented with the classic and earthy wood-oriental composition of OLFAC3 Perfumes SKIN No. 7, which aptly features nature’s healer, geranium.


What's inside

  1. scarf of your choice
  2. a washable 3 ply face mask
  3. a matching twilly
  4. a multipurpose scarf ring
  5. a scent stone


Care instructions

  • Wash separately in cool water with gentle cycle
  • Hand-washing recommended
  • Iron if necessary with low-medium heat, printed side down
  • Do not bleach or our hand drawn prints will vanish

Feed a kitten for a month with every 50ml EDP purchased. RM20 will go to our Cause of the Month: Busy Boarders.

Busy Boarders provide food, shelter and medical care to kittens and strays abandoned due to the pandemic.