mori maia | SQUARE Bali - Box Set
  • mori maia | SQUARE Bali - Box Set


    About Mori Maia's Bali - Square Scarf

    A big essence that underlies everyday Balinese life is love and respect for nature. Encapsulating this value that’s evident in their life philosophy Tri Hita Karana (“The Three Causes of Harmony”) are motifs inspired by the four elements of nature stippled against a backdrop of dense clouds.


    We couldn’t leave out the silhouette of Bali’s emblematic and mystical Mount Agung and Mount Batur.


    Colours: Tones of blue, green, reds or greys. Imbued with rich hues like their culture.

    Fabric: Satin silk

    Square: 114.5 x 114.5 (cm)


    Scented with Bois De L’est, a composition of bergamot and cypress; OLFAC3 Perfumes' tribute to the charismatic and the bold.


    What's inside

    1. scarf of your choice
    2. a washable 3 ply face mask
    3. a matching twilly
    4. a multipurpose scarf ring
    5. a scent stone


    Care instructions

    • Wash separately in cool water with gentle cycle
    • Hand-washing recommended
    • Iron if necessary with low-medium heat, printed side down
    • Do not bleach or our hand drawn prints will vanish