RM100 Gift Card

RM100 Gift Card


This gift card is customised for the gift card receiver and entitles him/her to a discount up to the stated amount for any purchase of perfumes and products from OLFAC3 Perfumes.


This gift card comes with FREE PERSONAL CONSULTATION for the gift card receiver on redeeming this gift card and choosing the best perfumes and products for him/her.

To redeem, the gift card receiver just needs to call or send a message to OLFAC3 Perfumes on WhatsApp +60192820515 or email love@olfac3.com 

The cost of delivery will be included in the price of this gift card based on the gift card receiver's address - please key in the gift card receiver's address in the address fields (instead of your address) when you check out, so the cost of eventual delivery of products chosen by the gift care receiver will be added to the cost of this gift card.

The gift card receiver will not have to pay for shipping when he or she redeems this card.

Please key in below the gift card receiver's name for us to customise the card for him/her. We will send to you the customised gift card within 24-48 hours of your payment.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or anything else we can help you with.

Thank you!