The Golden Circle
  • The Golden Circle


    The Golden Circle was created for OLFAC3 Perfumes customers and perfume lovers.


    It offers unique privileges, gifts and exceptional benefits, including:


    1. A welcome gift of 2 X 30ml Private Collection EDP of choice (RM288 each) worth RM576,

    2. A yearly gift of a 30ml+10ml set (RM238 per set) for 5 years (from 2022-2026) worth RM1,190, and

    3. RM1,500 prepaid balance that can be used for all products & services from OLFAC3 Perfumes with no expiry date.

    The total value above is RM3,266, for a one-time purchase of RM2,000.

    Payment can also be made via 3 equal and interest-free instalments (via ATOME).


    In addition, you will get exclusive privileges, savings and benefits as part of the Golden Circle:


    - 15% Discount on all products & services when you make your purchase using your prepaid balance.

    - Access to OLFAC3 Perfumes' unlisted Private Collection.

    - Access to KemBali Perfumes, which will only be available exclusively on retail in Bali, Indonesia.

    - Personal invites to curated events and perfume preview sessions at the OLFAC3 Sensorium, +1

    - A dedicated Perfume Concierge service where you call to order, enquire and request any assistance.


    The Golden Circle is limited to only 250 members.


    You will also get RM100 added to your prepaid balance for every successful referral that you make! All they have to do is to mention in the notes that they were referred by you when signing-up.


    Why the Golden Circle

    OLFAC3 Perfumes was founded in 2016 as a Malaysian Luxury Artisanal Perfumery House, to share the love, joy and pleasure of original premium luxury perfumes, without the premium prices.


    We are entirely self-funded and to date, we have created and released 19 original perfume references and a range of premium sanitisers and mood scents to help us stay safe and well during these challenging times.

    We have also created and produced perfumes for a new Malaysian perfume and beauty brand, a new international perfume brand, and a range of home & living fragrances for a premium lifestyle brand in Malaysia.


    We have now reached our next chapter for growth and expansion, and all we need are the funds to make the opportunities available to us a reality.

    Our goal is to raise RM500,000 to fund our business plans for 2022 and 2023, including new perfume creations and production, rebranding and repackaging, refitting the existing OLFAC3 Perfumes Lounge, opening the new OLFAC3 Sensorium where private curated events, perfume previews, bespoke perfume creation and perfume workshops will be held, and our expansion into travel retail, Bali, Istanbul and Europe.

    We believe that with your support, help and love for exquisitely crafted perfumes we will be able to grow and go further than any other Malaysian perfume brand has gone before.

    We look forward to seeing you in the Golden Circle.


    Thank you with love.


    Yours sincerely,

    Aien Mokhtar, Founder and Chief Perfumer
    James Chong, Co-founder