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All About Wood. Sandalwood.

July 4, 2016


I'm obsessed with wood. Wood accords in a fragrance composition add a deeper sense of depth to the blend. It evokes a grounding sense of being, of mental clarity and security. I love it for their aphrodisiac and anti-aging properties.  You can expect Mr. Wood to be in all my signature creations. 


Let's start off with Sandalwood. 


Sandalwood is distilled from the roots and heartwood of trees that take 50 to 80 years to reach full maturity. In an amazing and lengthy manufacturing process used since ancient times, the mature sandalwood trees are cut down, then left to be eaten by ants, which consume all but the fragrant heartwood and roots. Sandalwood is a base note, its lasting fragrance will only improves with age. 


Sandalwood has an age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac. Its fragrance is similar to the human pheromone, alpha androsterole. The finest quality oil is produced in Mysore, India. It is an endangered species, regulated by the Indian government. 


Therapeutic properties








Antiseptic for urinary tract and lung

Relieves lung congestion and nausea


One of its most important uses is to sedate the nervous system, subduing nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and to some degree, reducing nerve pain. Researchers have found it relieves brain waves. 



To share the long list of benefits of sandalwood with our family and friends, we included it in our Scentasia Veil & Linen fragrance range. Presented in a 100ml spray bottle, it is versatile for scenting your private spaces and small spaces, for scenting linens, clothes, curtains and sofas. I have a bottle in my bedroom, bathroom and lounge.  I take a travel size with me when I travel and keep one in my car. This is why I could not just launch one fragrance and ended up launching nine! I am an extremist. You may adjust the propensity according to your own preferences. Eventually, I will be phasing some out and making way for the new but this wood; is a keeper. 


Check out Scentasia's full range on our website


Sandalwood solid perfume will be available via our Shopify store in time for fall. 


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Reference: Aromatherapy, Healing for the body & soul, Kathi Keville. 







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