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Frangipani, the blossom from the Tree of Life.

March 25, 2017


Frangipani tree is the hardiest plant I know. It grows so easily, life flows in its barks and branches that no matter broken, or where you stick it, it will grow and produce the most magnificent blooms. 


Ancient Indians have believed the Plumeria plant to be the “Tree of Life” due to its healing capacity. In past centuries, plumeria was used as an ingredient in love potions because of its rich, alluring scent. It is also called the "flower of sensuality" because of its perfume. The oil itself is a favourite of aromatherapists because of its ability to rejuvenate and refresh the mind, body, and spirit.


The species includes about eight different variants, based primarily on the color of the blossoms and the shape of the leaves. Common flower colors include cream, yellow, red, and pink, though newer varieites may be orange, red, yellow, or mixed colors.The flowers are most fragrant at night, attracting sphinx moths to pollinate them, though they actually have no nectar. The plants reproduce when the moths transfer the pollen from flower to flower. The essence of frangipani is steam distilled from the flowers. 


Mixed in a base oil or lotion and applied on the skin, it is known for its moisturizing effects, as it soothes dry and cracked skin, helping to keep the skin soft. Frangipani oil relaxes nerves and muscles, have been known to relieve inflammation and headache and has aphrodisiac, astringent and purifying properties.


The sight of its beautiful clusters remind me of Bali and the islands. In Polynesia, if a woman wears plumeria flower on her right ear, she is single and available, while if she wears it on her left ear; it signifies that she is in a committed relationship. 


We encapsulate the memory and the healing properties of frangipani in our Scentasia all-natural fragrance series, in a convenient 100ml spray bottle.



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