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OLFAC3's Scenteur - Elly Rahman

October 4, 2018


Our Scenteur’s story this week featuring Elly, our first appointed Scenteur who have been at the front line of our bazaars and events activities for more than a year! Most of you would have had Elly sharing our creations with you at our pop up events around KL. 


Here she shared her first #loveatfirstscent encounter of our brand, what made her decide to join the team and her favourite OLFAC3 original perfumes.



“The night I discovered OLFAC3 was my lucky night. It was the night OLFAC3 launched their MEMORIES series at Pisco Bar. That night my friend’s girlfriend, Nasch had asked me to come out. At the entrance, they asked me to register to get a door gift, but I didn’t get any because they were out of the Memories mini. I was seated at the bar and was chilling with my friends. Suddenly, I thought I heard my name being called. At first I ignored it,  cause I didn’t realize they were having a lucky draw. The second time the DJ called out my name and announced the winner of the grand prize for the lucky draw, I realized that I had won! The other guests got their mini perfume as door gifts, but I got the main prize of a Signature perfume Creation session to create my own perfume with Aien Mokhtar! 



Standing by the podium was a small, elegant and stylish woman. Aien was waiting for me to claim my prize. Standing beside her was James, her partner; who was standing by to take pictures. I was given a brief to make an appointment with Aien to come over for my session. It took quite a while to set a date due to both our busy schedule but we did. My session was set for an evening at the OLFAC3 Studio. 


What could’ve been a 2 hours session ran up until midnight. I had so much fun, it was an interesting night discovering about scents and knowing my type of personal scent and what type of perfume suits me. I loved the signature blend that Aien created for me. It was a magical experience watching her blend all the ingredients together and smelling the evolution of the final perfume composition on my skin. 


 I considered myself lucky to have discovered OLFAC3 that memorable night at Pisco 😊


Experiencing first-hand, the bespoke perfume-making process, I was intrigued. But what got me was Aien’s passion. She was so passionate about making my signature perfume, meticulously and patiently blending to get the composition right. I admired her for her passion and dedication. The bespoke compositions that she creates are different and original. Memorable and truly unforgettable. <3 <3 <3 



I believe in her, the brand, the product range that she has created and the team behind her. OLFAC3 gives me a chance to dive into the perfumery world in a way that I would never have imagined possible had I not win the Signature perfume creation at the release party.


Furthermore, I love perfume so much and having a chance to learn and discover new scents and being able to smell good all the time, what more could a perfume lover asks for? It’s a fantastic feeling 😊


I decided to join the team because I could see the potential of OLFAC3 going global and I wouldn’t want to miss the chance to grow with them and be part of their success stories. 


My favourite perfume from the OLFAC3’s series?  


All of them! 😉


MEMORIES (top picks Matahari & Borneo)

ROSE (top picks Khadijah & Asiyah)

SKIN (top picks No. 4 & 8)

SPECIAL EDITION (Aphrodite & X Citrus)” 

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