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The OLFAC3 Perfumes Golden Circle is a limited membership that offers exceptional privileges designed for the lover of exquisite original perfumes created by OLFAC3 Perfumes.

The first phase of the membership has ended, and the Golden Circle will be relaunched in 2024 for international members.

This page is only for existing Golden Circle Members and private invitations only.


Aien & James Prestige Feb 2022 copy.png

OLFAC3 Perfumes, the award-winning independent Luxury Perfumery House from Malaysia was founded in 2016 to share the love, joy and pleasure of original premium luxury perfumes, without the premium prices.


OLFAC3 Perfumes is entirely self-funded and the Golden Circle was conceived to help fund our growth, including new perfume creations and production, rebranding and repackaging, and our expansion into Bali and travel retail in the region.

Thank you for your love of exquisitely crafted original perfumes created in Malaysia, for you.

We look forward to seeing you in the Golden Circle.


With love,

Aien Mokhtar, Founder and Chief Perfumer
James Chong, Co-founder

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