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OLFAC3 Perfumes is an independent perfumery house offering original scents created by award-winning Asian perfumer Aien Mokhtar.

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Each perfume is unique and inspired by unforgettable moments, feelings and flights of vivid imagination. Each perfume distils memories, mystery, beauty, and emotions into an exquisite journey for the olfactory senses.


OLFAC3 = OLFACTORY, relating to the sense of smell.


"OLFAC3 Perfumes' purpose, our goal, is to share the joy, pleasure, and unforgettable memories that premium luxury perfumes can bring, without the premium prices."

Our Founder

OLFAC3 Perfumes is founded by Aien Mokhtar, whose aromatic journey into the world of scents began more than 20 years ago. What started as curiosity and intrigue for this petite Malaysian of Malay-Chinese heritage turned into a craving for knowledge on aromatherapy, the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and how they can affect the well-being of our bodies and minds, and finally into perfumery.

The Journey So Far

Aien's first exposure to French perfume was through her mother. Memories of her mother's prime years were the scents of Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Christian Dior Poison and Guerlain Samsara. Her mother Ami was a diplomatic officer in her 30's then, and brought Aien along with her on her first posting abroad when Aien was only 10 years old. 


When Ami was stationed in pre-war Yugoslavia in the late 80s, it marked the beginning of the path of discovery for both mother and daughter of the world that instilled the love for travel, exploration and adventure in Aien.


Aien's journey into perfumery started with her spending countless hours burying herself in books, research and learning in her spare time. Aien began by creating personal blends for herself, and received numerous requests from family members and close friends to create the same for them. In 2005, she started attending how-to workshops organized by the Australian grower and manufacturer she had been ordering essential oils and raw materials from.


Her wanderlust spirit and aspirations took her on scented trails throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her passion led her to the city of Grasse in France, the perfume capital of the world, to learn about perfumery and the art of being a perfumer, otherwise known as “the nose” in the perfume industry.


Inspired by the perfumery houses she discovered in her travels and what she learned, and after more than a decade of learning, refining her skills, practice and developing various products and scents for herself, Aien started creating her own range of original luxury fragrances for women and men to express their personality, uniqueness, individuality and style. OLFAC3 Perfumes was born.


OLFAC3 Perfumes is Aien sharing her love and passion for the world of scents and fragrances. She believes the joy, pleasure and unforgettable memories that premium luxury perfumes can bring should not be limited to only those who can afford expensive prestige fragrances, and everyone should be able to smell and feel attractive, beautiful, confident and loved.


“Blending perfume is an art just like painting or cooking. In perfumery, our sense of smell plays an integral part in cultivating and perfecting the art. It is purely intuitive. And since it is based on intuition, you can't really learn it. You can only try, experiment and let your nose and your heart guide you” 

The Perfumery, Barcelona, Spain.
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