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The Nose

OLFAC3 is founded on the passionate journey of Aien Mokhtar, a writer, parfumista and aspiring scentologist.


Aien’s aromatic journey into the world of scents began 14 years ago.  What started as intrigue for this petite Malay-Chinese turned into a craving for knowledge on aromatherapy and the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in affecting the well-being of our bodies and minds. 


The beginning chapters of her journey started with countless hours of research and learning.  She spent her spare time with her nose buried in books and consistently surfing for related online materials all in the name of knowledge acquisition. With her new-found knowledge, Aien started concocting her own blends for her personal use and only upon requests from family members and close friends.  In 2005, she started developing new skills by attending how-to workshops organized by the Australian grower and manufacturer she had been ordering essential oils and raw materials from. After a decade of research, knowledge-seeking, skills acquisition, product development and strategic benchmarking, OLFAC3 was established so the aspiring scentologist will have an avenue to share her passion for the world of scents with those who appreciate perfumes and for those who wants to smell good and feel confident without having to break bank to own a bottle of designer fragrance. 

The Scented Journey


Aien's first exposure to French perfume was through her mother. Memories of her mother's prime years were the scents of Yves Saint Laurent Opium, Christian Dior Poison and Guerlain Samsara. Her mother, Ami; was a diplomatic officer in her 30's then, on her first posting abroad and Aien was only 10 years old. 


When Ami was stationed in Yugoslavia (pre-war) in the late 80s,  it marked the beginning of the path of discovery for both mother and daughter of the world we live in that instilled the love for travel, exploration and the need to share their experiences. 


Her journey into the world of perfumery started not long after she learnt making products.  Her passion led her to Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world to learn about perfumery and the art of being a perfumer otherwise referred to as “the nose” in the industry. 


The past two years, her wanderlust spirit and aspirations took her on scented trails throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Inspired by the perfumery houses she discovered, she went on to develop her own range of signature fragrances created for the sophisticated, classy, modern women and men who appreciates good value without sacrificing on quality.


Ultimately, OLFAC3 was born with the dedication to providing a scentsory experience to fulfill the need to express our own uniqueness, individuality and style through scents.   

Uniquely Magnifi-scent

At OLFAC3, it is our mission to share our founder's passion for scents and spread the love by helping you choose a scent that is unique to you and has the ability to make you feel exceptionally confident and good about yourself. We believe wearing perfume is an extension of our artistic self-expression, to convey moods, the states of our minds and perhaps to give the world little glimpses of who we are. We want to help everyone find their compositions, their signature scents. 

“Blending perfume is an art just like painting or cooking. In perfumery, our sense of smell plays an integral part in cultivating and perfecting the art. It is not rocket science, but purely intuitive. And since it is based on intuition, you can't really learn it. You can only try, experiment and let your nose guide you in the creation process.” 

The Perfumery, Barcelona, Spain.