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August 2021 Cause of The Month: Sisters In Islam

Every month, OLFAC3 Perfumes highlights a cause that makes a positive difference for all of us, and we contribute an amount from every sale of selected products to the cause.

If you have a cause you believe we should feature, please write to us at

For the Month of August 2021, RM20 from every 50ml Eau De Parfum purchase from the ROSE Series - Maryam, Asiyah and Khadijah - will be contributed to Sisters In Islam in support of their wonderful and much-needed efforts on behalf of women in Malaysia.


Sisters in Islam - Helping Muslim Women Stand Tall

Finding the person you want to marry and build a life together with is an ecstatic moment. We plunge headlong into marriage in love and wildly optimistic. It's the nature of love and being in love. It makes us feel indestructible, and possible future unhappy circumstances do not cross our minds.

For Muslim women, naturally and understandably so, we won’t think that we would need to know our rights according to Islamic family law, unless and until we find ourselves in a less than desirable position in our marriage. Short of hiring a lawyer, where do we turn to for advice on our rights as a woman according to Syariah law? What can and can't we do? What are our options and how do we move forward when we find ourselves lost and confused? When love has passed, and the marriage is irreparably broken?

Not many Muslim women are aware that we can get legal advisory services on our legal rights under the Islamic Family Law and the Syari’ah Criminal Offences Law, for FREE!

This is where Sisters In Islam comes in.

Sisters In Islam (SIS) is a non-profit organisation that conducts research to support their advocacy of fairness, justice and equity for Muslim women in Malaysia, and law and reform at the governmental policy-making level - legal reform, the introduction of new policies, and challenges to statements made in the name of Islam that discriminate against women and violate the ethical teachings of the religion

The women behind SIS (L-R): Azareena Abd Aziz, Fatimah Merican, Aishah Ali, Rozana Mohd Isa, Sarinah Mat Salleh

SIS defends and champions women empowerment through its mission of upholding democratic principles and fundamental liberties, freedom of religion and freedom of expression for Muslim women. SIS addresses the injustices that Muslim women may face under the Shariah (Islamic law) system perpetrated by misunderstandings and selective interpretations in Malaysia. It is SIS's vision and goal to realise a world for women that is filled with love and mercy, and with equality and justice as prescribed in the Quran.

Supporters of SIS (L-R): Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Lavina Valiram, Nur Mahanum, Datin Rose Ismail

For all the good work that they have done working towards upholding and advancing the rights of Muslim women in Malaysia, SIS perhaps have been misunderstood by most. They have been branded as liberals and deviants by those who fear that giving Muslim women the rights that they deserve may usurp their authority and power, and they have been many attempts to marginalise and silence SIS. SIS is also often met with resistance and opposed by those who fear the change in gender roles in modern society, and what a fair and equitable system for both men and women can bring.

How SIS Can Help You and Your Loved Ones

SIS provides free legal advisory services, support and information on the legal rights that Muslim women have under the Islamic Family Law and the Syari’ah Criminal Offences Law via Telenisa.

What you can do:

1. Follow Telenisa Tells on Facebook live every two weeks on Thursdays from 5 pm – 6 pm

Learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones by knowing your rights and gain more awareness and knowledge on critical issues facing Muslim women. Learn how to safeguard against child grooming, Malaysian mothers' struggles for citizenship of their children, what to do if you or someone you love is experiencing domestic violence, and more.

2. Follow Telenisa on Instagram for tips, information and updates about your rights and other issues.

3. WhatsApp Telenisa directly at +6012-812 3424 for any information and help you may need.

4. Share what you've learned and the information above with your friends, family members and other women who could benefit from the help and guidance that SIS offers.


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