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The Art of Good Scents

Home Is Where The Waves Are

The love I have for the sea was instilled in me since young. Mom had access to the corporate bungalow by the sea, one of the perks of working for the government. Since her divorce from my father, it became our weekend routine, spending time sitting on the beach and listening to the sound of the waves crashing; the undercurrent clutched her sorrows and insecurities, pulled them from underneath her and pushed them gently out into the sea. The sea was her therapist. For me, the sea became my safe place; it felt like the home I never had.

As I grew older, my love for the sea remained. I experienced waves after waves of beautiful memories related to the sea, of beautiful sunsets and beaches.

The love I have for the sea, inspired me to create a perfume that allowed me, and hopefully others too; to be transported to the ocean shores on demand. The initial inspiration was of the South China Sea, my earliest memories.

But as the creation process progressed, a vision of one place stayed vivid on my mind. If there was one place on earth I could attribute the scent to it was definitely Bali, the island of the Gods; with its perpetual sandy, white beaches, frangipani and coconut trees.

Bali was one destination that I kept going back to, even after all the years and all those places I have discovered on the island; including the 3 consecutive years I gravitated to it to spend new year’s eve, solo or otherwise. It was where I headed to after my divorce 10 years ago, to reflect and to find myself again. Just as the sea became my mother's therapist many moons ago, it became mine as I found myself holding the same cards the Maker had dealt for my mother when I was three.

As for my affinity and connection with the island of a thousand puras, it wasn’t just its beauty that beckoned me. The sense of tranquility and the warmth of the Balinese kept me going back time and time again. On the island, I found myself because it allowed me to be myself. The island has since became my second home.

Ombak is part of our Memories series, a range that was inspired by unforgettable memories of places I have been. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Ombak is a memory of pristine beaches and the ocean, interpreted in a floral gourmand composition of citrus top notes, ginger and white florals. Aromatic, fresh and invigoratingly happy; it was my go-to in the morning because I loved to be transported back to where the ocean greeted the earth, watching the sun setting in the horizon. The continuous hellos of the waves, stuck in a loop of never-ending caresses for eternity provided comfort for my soul.

The composition opens with an aromatic citrus introduction of lime, mandarin and ginger top notes. The heart is a bouquet of white florals - jasmine, gardenia and lily. The base notes or the anchors are amber, cedar and musk. On occasions, I have substituted the base notes with my favourite anchors, Himalayan cedar wood, ambergris and pheromone for bespoke requests, one way to make it linger longer on those with stronger personal scents.

The thing with aromatics and citrus, if you love it; it needs to love you back. If it doesn’t, it won’t stick around. This is because aromatics and citrus are all about the top notes. Top notes serve as the introduction to the scent. It is what you would smell the moment you spray on the perfume, and they would typically last for the first 10-15 minutes. Top notes are never intended to stay on your skin for very long. That said, all our fragrances are Eau De Parfum (EDP), and the entire scent-sory experience typically lasts 5-8 hours.

This does not mean anyone with a strong personal scent cannot wear and enjoy the scent. You can make it stay by not just spraying it on your skin but also by scenting your hair. I also like scenting my linen and living spaces and carry a travel size bottle (travel buddy) with me to refresh whenever I feel like a refresher.

Oh perhaps it is worth mentioning that Ombak won the Her Beauty Awards, Editor's Pick for the best fresh fragrance of 2019. It is a scent you can wear on days you would like to feel like a winner!

Our award-winning scent is available in 50ml Eau De Parfum (handcrafted and Paris Edition) and 10ml travel size via our online shop. Shop with us and take advantage of the monthly special promotions that are available only online.

Our perfumes are also available at OLFAC3 Perfume Lounge KL and at our retail partners' outlets in Malaysia, Bali, Jakarta and Paris when shops are open again.




Aien Mokhtar
Aien Mokhtar
Apr 28, 2020

Hello there :) Thank you for your encouraging message. We look forward to meeting you one fine day. 🥰 One great way to discover our perfume range is by getting your hands on our discovery set which we just released today! You can check it out on our online store - We are also hosting perfume discovery sessions on Zoom for free, every Sunday. Do follow our IG @myolfac3 to get updates on our sessions and promotions etc. Keep calm, stay safe, smell good. ❤️ Aien


it's such a shame i never managed to find your scents— i see the giant billboard whenever i'm in publika but never realised it was an affiliate store your perfumes were parked in. i'm obsessed with scents, too and i have a funny feeling i'd be an immediate fan. now to just wait out this mco and then go on the hunt(!)

thank you for doing what you do and please keep on keeping on. xx

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